Knotted into a trunk-like formation from the base of its roots, the brilliant Mangrove Chair is crafted from a combination of recycled steel pipe, yellow pine and steel leaf. Created by Adam Krehbiel, this extraordinary piece of furniture demonstrates Veraseri Design’s continued research into comfort through recycled materials. With a committment to sustainability, all proceeds made from sale of this unique piece go directly to supporting Mangrove Ecosystem Conservation programs.

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Krehbiel took care to lessen the amount of harmful gasses emmited during the welding process, and he created a special fume extraction and filtering system. The designer took his time to complete the chair, and spent a year refashioning steel pipes reclaimed from demolished buildings, and even smaller rods that were recycled from the Obama election campaign signs! To stain the chair, Krehbiel used a homemade, natural, low-VOC compound that is made up of key minerals from the Alice Springs Desert of Australia.

+ Veraseri Yolasite

Images courtesy of Veraseri Yolasite