A question we’ve often pondered – how green is prefab construction? Without much hard data to back it up, we only have theories to go on, hoping that it really might be more resource efficient and lead to higher quality construction than traditional methods. This Thursday though, we may have a chance to really set the record straight with an online debate between prefab’s sweetheart, Michelle Kaufmann, speaking for the affirmative and Chad Ludeman of Postgreen Homes speaking for the negative. After some heated online blogging this last year, they plan to hash it out via online debate through TreeHugger Live.

The debate will be judged by Preston Koerner of Jetson Green and Allison Arieff, a columnist for the New York Times. The audience is the third judge, so be sure to weigh in at TreeHugger Live. Although originally planned for the 19th, due to the birth of Ludeman’s baby, it will now take place on Thursday, May 26 at 3:30 EDT.

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