Not content to merely conquer the world of eco-blogging, the Treehugger crew is expanding into product design. Treehugger’s Graham Hill & Petz Scholtus (who are both product designers by trade) have given birth to a new line of Treehuggerware. The first product – appropriately enough � is a cute flatpack pouch that when unfolded bares more than a passing resemblance to the expanding waistline of an expectant mother. The Stuffbump is a wall pocket that hangs flat but expands like an accordion to hold household items like laundry, underwear or stuffed animals. Of course, in typical Treehugger style, the product is not just space-efficient and useful, but is also eco-friendly and is composed of 100% natural wool felt and 100% recycled card stock.

The Stuffbump is simple, efficient, and cheap and that’s why we can’t help but love it. The first product out of the Treehugger stable could have been something large, glamorous, and heavily branded, instead they offer a small humble item that is seriously practical, affordable, and aimed at the mass-market. We have a lot of respect for that.

$20 from Target