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According to Dré Wapenaar, “The story of my tents as they relate to campsites, however, started with the Treetents which were originally designed for the Road Alert Group in England. This group of activists fight against the excessive constructing of highways through forests. During their protest they cover themselves and hide and live in the trees to fight as long as possible against the rushing violence of the chain sawers. The Treetents would provide a comfortable place for them to stay during their habitation of the forest and prevent the trees from being cut down.”

Wapenaar’s treehouse tents are composed of a steel frame wrapped in canvas and measure thirteen feet tall with a 9 foot diameter. The interior is outfitted with a roomy hardwood sleeping platform and a round mattress roomy enough for two adults and two children. According to Wapenaar, “the form of these tents naturally developed itself, when I hung a circular platform with a rope on the side of a tree. My inspiration for the shape was not the dewdrop. Form followed function.”

If you’re interested in spending an evening amid the evergreens, several Treetents are available for rent 5 months out of the year at the Hertshoorn campground in the Netherlands.

+ Dré Wapenaar