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Towards the West, where the waterfront and parks are located, the building consists almost entirely of glass walls and sliding doors, which give the residents access to beautiful views 24 hours a day. The street-facing facade, on the other hand, is clad in perforated horizontal aluminum panels to add an extra layer of privacy. To ensure the house gets enough light, some of the panels can open automatically to reveal windows hidden beneath.

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Apart from a small office space, every room in the house is double volume in height, almost none of which make use of any dividing walls. Running through the center of the house is a tall service block that contains toilets on each floor, storage spaces, installation shafts and a dumbwaiter. As for how the residents move from floor to floor, there are two open staircases, one of which leads to a large outdoor terrace and roof deck. If the views weren’t already spectacular enough, the roof deck offers a space to sleep under the stars and enjoy the ocean air.

+ Hans van Heeswijk

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Images via Hans van Heeswijk