TRØKK16 are turning heads left and right at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair with an elegantly engineered line of prototypes including the graceful Frøy Chair. A modern update on the side chair, it makes smart use of natural materials with a slim design that seamlessly joins ergonomic angles with distinctive stature. A set of elegantly tapered back legs bloom into the chair’s split backrest that is made from laminated wood. Frøy is composed of solid ash and addresses the modern model of “good design” that is beautiful and built to last.

Creator Siv Jahnsen’s approach to sustainable design joins solid construction with timeless designs that resonate on an emotional level: “The idea was to make a wooden chair based on traditional handcraft principles and add a twist to make it personal and decorative.” He goes on to say “I wanted to make a piece of furniture you care about and want to keep regardless of the changing trends. In my eyes this is a good way of creating sustainable products when combined with the use of natural or other sustainable materials.”

You may remember TRØKK16 from our coverage of their eco-friendly Emir Chair at Haute Green 2007. This ascendant house of Norwegian designers have been making waves lately with their innovative designs that perfectly balance beauty with an eco-friendly bottom line. Their current collection will also be featured in Stavanger’s upcoming World of Folk exhibition, which will show “how Nordic artisans and designers are engaged in a new folkloric language and a new interpretation of the design of tomorrow”.

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