The release of Tron Legacy has inspired scores of amazing designs this year – from hotel suites to actual light-cycles. However this latest design is something that Tron Guy himself would be proud of – an electrified Light-Segway. The Light-Segway or Tron Segway i2 was designed by Tron fan Ricky Brigante who used regular materials to create a Segway worthy of The Grid.

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Building upon his Segway PT i2, Brigante simply used reflective tape and a strand of LED blue Christmas lights to match the style of the Tron Legacy film. While it’s not quite as cool as a Light Cycle, the Light-Segway is certainly eye-catching. While it may look normal in ambient light, when a light beam is directly on it (such as from the blue LED lights), the Segway looks like it has come from The Grid’s arena itself.

Watch a video of it in action here.

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