The makers of Trotify ask, “Why the long face? Do you have the need for steed?” Now, you can turn your humble pony into a galloping stallion with Trotify, a simple wooden device that fits on your front brake mount. Just assemble the flat-pack kit, find a coconut that suits your fancy, and voila! You are ready to ride or reenact a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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The folks at Original Content London are hot to trot, thanks to their latest invention, the Trotify. For about $32 USD, the flat-packed laser-cut wooden contraption fits on the front brake mount of your bike and with a little assembly, a coconut, and a sense of humor, can create the sound of a trotting horse as you pedal. Able to amuse or confuse those with very poor eyesight, the Trotify is a great gift for those cycling nuts who have every accessory on the market or for those who are a little too short on cash to become real equestrians.

The designers are waiting for a 1,000 unit minimum order before fabricating the requests and if they reach their goal, the horses would not leave the stable until March of next year. With no feeding or shovel required, this may be the closest any of us ever get–or want to get–to the real deal.

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