In a twist that would seem bizarre during any other post-election season in history, President-elect Donald Trump and family will reportedly host a fundraiser the day after the January inauguration. At the so-called Opening Day event, backers can—at the $1 million sponsorship level—score perks like a photo op with The Donald and a multi-day hunting trip with his two eldest sons. Donald Jr (“Don”) and Eric think it’s a lot of fun to kill defenseless wild animals for sport, and apparently the entire family believes that hunting is part of “the great American tradition of outdoor sporting,” along with “fishing and conservation.”

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Given Trump’s position on climate change, we’re not sure what they mean by “conservation,” but we do know spending $1 million for direct access to the president and a hunting trip with the first sons seems like a far cry from the American dream. Yet, here we are, living in a world where the Trump family is sending out invitations for rich folks to buy in to the bastardization of the presidency. At the $1-million sponsorship level, dubbed “The Bald Eagle,” contributors also receive access to a private reception (VIP access to the POTUS, that is) and autographed guitars from one of the musical performers at the fundraising event.

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Don and Eric Trump, the two eldest sons of the president-elect, have a solid history as big game hunters and are the responsible parties behind the new Texas-based nonprofit organization hosting this insane party, according to the Center for Public Integrity. Back in 2012 when their father was still known as a real estate mogul or perhaps just a reality TV star, a series of photos of the men circulated online. They posed with their kills after a hunting trip in Zimbabwe, and perhaps the most memorable shot shows the two brothers standing side-by-side sporting huge pearly grins while holding up the limp body of a leopard.

According to the TMZ report which broke the news of the party, country singer Toby Keith and the band Alabama are reportedly on deck to perform to an audience of guests donning a “Camouflage and Cufflinks” dress code (whatever that is). A leaked draft of the invitation promises that “all net proceeds from the Opening Day event will be donated to conservation charities” but, as CPI points out, those charity organizations have not been named and the nonprofit is not legally bound to identify them—or the names of the donors.

Any takers on a bet that Kanye West will buy in at the Bald Eagle level?

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