If you love pasta, but don’t often find suitable gluten-free alternatives in restaurants, Charlie’s Table gluten-free products may be the answer for you. In fact, this craft pasta and pasta flour blend not only caters to the gluten intolerant, but is free of the top nine food allergens.

A plate of pasta with basil leaves

Providing a plant-based, vegan solution for the wholesale restaurant market, Charlie’s table offers a variety of fresh pasta options, which can be shipped directly. In addition, the company has developed a replacement for traditional semolina pasta, with a pasta flour blend that allows pasta makers to turn their favorite recipes into gluten-free, kosher and vegan pasta for their customers. 

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A plate of marinara pasta with cherry tomatoes

“We are thrilled to offer food service operators a high-quality pasta experience to their guests, including to those customers with dietary restrictions and preferences,” said Charlie’s Table Cofounder Bennett Hirsch. “We recognize the growing demand for plant-based, gluten and allergen-free options, and are proud our pasta offerings provide a taste and texture that delights consumers.”

One such customer, Bacione Pasta Shop, located in Bronxville, NY, put Charlie’s Table to the test with a blind sampling of the traditional house pasta paired against pasta made with Charlie’s Table’s pasta flour blend and General Manager Sabina Reci reported, “No one could tell the difference between the two pastas. Charlie’s Table pasta is virtually indistinguishable in taste and texture to the traditional semolina pasta I make every day.”

A plate of chicken alfredo pasta with a white wine

With a spike in customers seeking nutritious plant-based diets for reasons ranging from health to protecting the environment, restaurants are feeling the pressure to provide alternatives. 

Charlie’s Table Cofounder David Landay said, “We understand the challenges that food service operators face when it comes to offering safe and mouth-watering options for customers with dietary restrictions. Our goal is to make it easy for operators to provide a high-quality pasta experience that meets the needs of all their customers, without sacrificing taste, safety or efficiency.”

Most recently, the company released a line of products for the retail market too, with four-packs of pasta, family-size meals and soon-to-be-released pasta flour blend for those who want to make their own gluten-free pasta at home. 

A plate of pasta and basil leaves

Charlie’s Table also has an alter ego, a nonprofit sister company called Charlie’s Table Oasis. This philanthropic arm offers education about gluten-free living and how restaurants can support customer wishes for food options that meet their needs. The company donates a percentage of company profits to Broadway Cares, an organization aiding those who face food insecurity or who are looking for support in their venture to eat allergen and/or gluten free, vegan, Kosher or non-GMO.

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Images via Moriah Sawtelle