Tshanfeto is a teaching farm in the Ivory Coast that trains around 40 young people each year in sustainable agriculture techniques. Enterprises like this are vital for local communities in the country, which is recovering from a devastating political crisis and experiencing an average youth unemployment of 60 percent. The project started 10 years ago as a venture in the region of Yopougon, but due to its success it now advises other farms on how to increases productivity and profit.

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The farm is a social enterprise that sells its home-grown products and trains its workers to become financially autonomous. The project’s goal is to practice long-terms sustainable agriculture techniques and support the Ivorians who benefit from its work.

Tshanfeto teaches its students the laws of the land and core farming skills, encouraging these young farmers to join the job market and put their new skills into practise. The farm also seeks to spread these techniques by advising 60 other farms in neighboring areas.

Via Air France Magazine

Images via Flickr user Jbdoane