As more and more people across the world adopt cars as their primary mode of transportation, well-lit highways become increasingly important. But how can we sustainably power all those energy-sucking lights? TAK Studio addressed that question in their entry into this year’s Greener Gadgetscompetition to find the green technology solution of the future. Dubbed theTurbine Light, their design aims to illuminate our roadways using the power of the wind.

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tak, turbine light, wind power, wind energy TAK’s wind-powered light uses the moving air from cars zipping by on the highway to generate energy that can be used to power roadside lighting. It’s a controversial idea–could wind from passing cars actually provide enough power for lighting?–but one that has the potential to save lots of cash in already wind-heavy regions. Alternatively, cities might consider using solar-powered lights instead. The idea has been proven to work many times over, including at the recent COP15 climate change conference. Tell us what you think by commenting below.

Check out the Turbine Light and all of the other amazing entries in the Greener Gadgets Competition here and voice your choice for your favorite. And if you’re going to be in NYC on February 25, don’t forget to register for the Greener Gadgets Conference where you can see all of the finalists!

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