The Turntable Rider is a brilliant invention that transforms any regular bicycle into a roving DJ booth! Developed by Japan-based company Cogoo, the gadget allows bikers to emit melodies as they ride. After a few minor adaptations – the brake pads become sound pads and the wheels become jog wheels – your bike can make the daily bike commute while making the lives of people around you a little more musical.

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At the moment the accessory is just a concept model, but if it reaches a target of 5,900 Facebook likes Cogoo says it would consider making the idea a reality! The company is well-versed in digital bike technology and they previously developed a bike sharing service operator that could lock and unlock bicycles using a phone app. Now they’ve moved into the world of playful bike gadgets to bring out the DJ in all of us, and you can check out their demo video here. And don’t forget to “like” their page and maybe we’ll hear a Turntable Rider in our neighborhoods before too long.

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Images courtesy of Cogoo