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Hanging gardens are a central theme of the Pentimonium apartments, coming in all shapes and sizes. Many units will feature balcony gardens, as well as larger balcony courtyards that will span four stories, making a miniature sky forest possible for the residents to enjoy! The areas will become skyparks, for a unique green experience amongst the clouds.

A bridge connecting the two apartment towers will also double as a garden area, bringing lush greenery to both sides, in addition to indoor gardens in common areas. The penthouse will be treated to an expansive private roof garden with plants and trees.

Each of the floor plans in the units is designed to maximize the vista views to the southwest of the buildings. The double skin of the building varies to provide the perfect combination of protection, privacy and exposure to fresh air and views. The screen, made up of vertical and horizontal bars, also functions as a light filter, and will block solar gain, as well as create an aesthetic identity for the complex.

Pentimonium will be part of a new redevelopment of the Yongsan International Business District, which has asked fifteen architects to design new towers for the area, headed by Daniel Libeskind. The urban development project is planned to be completed in 2024.

+ Murphy/Jahn

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