We first spotted Glide Design‘s gorgeous TwistTogether Block Lights back at BKLYN Design in 2005, and we’ve been fans of the innovative design ever since. Like a design product love-child between Legos and Ingo Maurer, TwistTogether lights will please interior design snobs as much as they will delight curious children. The colorful LED-illuminated cubes come in sets of four, and each block can be attached to any other block with a simple key mechanism, allowing a wide variety of configurations. Since the lamps are composed of LEDs, they are safe, cool-to-the-touch, consume less power than a nightlight, and will last forever — significantly ramping up their green quotient. We recently reviewed the kid appeal of TwistTogether lamps over on our baby blog Inhabitots.

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$104 from Velocity Art & Design

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