Greek architect Anestis Papaemanouil won the Duo-Gard Charging Station Design Contest with his solar-powered, nature-inspired “TWITT” concept. Duo-Gard challenged designers to create a one-car charging station and canopy that is both sustainable and flexible in its installation and usage. Papaemanouil’s winning design will be built and installed in Philadelphia for Greenbuild 2013, the annual conference of the US Green Building Council.

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The inspiration for the winning design came from nature—the compact metal-framed structure sits on the ground in a similar way a bird rests on a wire. Photovoltaic panels are positioned above a translucent canopy of multiwall polycarbonate and can rotate around a horizontal axis to assume optimal positions during the day. The project will be marketed internationally by Duo-Gard, who specialize in outdoor structures and high-performance daylighting systems.

Honorable Mention was awarded to William Cultrara of Cultrara Associates Inc. in Victor NY, for his project “The Franklin Grid”, which combines contemporary design with traditional architectural elements. The designer described his concept, inspired by Leonardo DaVinci and Ben Franklin, as “harmonious contrast between what is new and what once was. The intertwining of contrast presents a timeless design appropriate for a magnitude of placement opportunities”. The project will be added to Duo-Gard’s line of outdoor structures, said Cultrara.

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