Finnish designers Aleksi Hautamäki and Milla Selkimaki have done what many only dream of — they have bought an entire island to construct a gorgeous off-grid retreat. Located on 5 acres of rugged landscape, at the edge of the Archipelago National Park in Southwest Finland, Project Ö includes two self-sustaining, solar-powered cabins that include chic living spaces as well as a sauna and a workshop.

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two wood gabled cabins

The ambitious designers purchased the remote island two years ago with plans to built a set of off-grid cabins. According to Hautamäki, their vision was “to build all things necessary in as little space as possible.” The result is two compact structures that offer optimal functionality and comfort without harming the existing landscape.

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wood cabin with open outdoor dining area

wood cabin with open dining area in the middle

Since the designers bought the island, they have constructed two narrow gabled cabins, which house the living spaces, a sauna and a workshop. The cabins sit elevated off of the rocky landscape by an expansive wooden deck.

interior living space with fireplace

wood table and black kitchen

The cabins are long and narrow, with ultra-large windows that, in addition to flooding the interior with natural light, provide stunning views of the island’s coast. Additionally, there are a number of outdoor lounge areas that let the designers and visitors enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

wood ladder leading up to sleeping loft

shed filled with tools

The main cabin is comprised of an open-plan living room with a kitchen and dining area. A sleeping loft on the second floor is accessible by a ladder. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located in the second cabin, which is accessible through a central, covered outdoor area. All in all, the cabins can sleep up to 10 people.

wood-burning stove against glass wall of a cabin

wood gabled cabin on a hill

Due to the remote location, the cabins were also built to be completely self-sufficient. Rooftop solar panels generate energy, and there is an integrated water system that filters seawater. Two wood-burning stoves provide hot water for the cabins and create the ultimate cozy atmosphere.

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Photography by Archmosphere via Project Ö