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The price to stay in a sandcastle is around €150 per night (approximately $170) based on double occupancy, and both hotels are fully booked for weeks. They were built to coincide with the Brabant and Friesland sand sculpture festivals in the Netherlands which, for those not familiar, are a much bigger deal than you might assume. Travelers and sand sculpture artists flock to the festivals from around the world, so the construction of a couple of real sandcastle accommodations actually makes perfect sense. Booking a night at the Zand Hotel will get you a bottle of Prosecco, a complimentary breakfast, a personal tour of the Brabant or Friesland festival grounds.

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The sandcastle hotels won’t be open long. They’ll close after the sand sculpture festivals are over in late September and early October, but the owners plan to reopen them both next year. The hoteliers say the Zand Hotel locations were inspired by the ice hotels in Sweden and Finland, and some resemblance is certainly evident, especially in the dozens of sculptures situated throughout each guest room. The Zand Hotels are just as cool as their icy counterparts – only, you know, with sand.

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