The 3-in-1 recycled cardboard chair was a hard act to follow, but Sanserif Creatius has done it again with this curved typographic footrest. Inspired by the letter “O”, the stool/footrest is crafted entirely from recycled corrugated cardboard. The latest in the Bold collection from the Spanish studio, the “O” piece is a playful complementary item that gives eco-design principles a cool, industrial finish.

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Made with low environmental impact in mind, and a commitment to social labor, the footrest follows the studio’s principles of sustainability and responsibility. Adding a bit of fun to the design, the studio often uses re-purposed materials to illustrate themes such as typography, comics, and folklore. And, building on the idea of reusing sustainable items, Sanserif has even experimented with using hair in their work!

+ Sanserif Creatius

Images courtesy of Sanserif Creatius