Early returns show that 2012 will go down as a good year for electric car sales. In the United States, 53,000 plug-ins were sold, compared to about 17,500 in 2011. While there isn’t sufficient data to predict whether the trend will continue in the coming years, the sizable uptick in sales provides optimism for the electric vehicle market. Meanwhile, overseas, the forecasts for the United Kingdom predict the number of electric cars sales to double in 2013.

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While there is still no sufficient data for predicting if this healthy growth will continue in the United States in 2013, Ben Lane of nextgreencar.com has an encouraging forecast for the UK: “Sales of electric cars in Britain are expected to double in 2013 as cheaper models enter the market and the number of charging points increases. Numbers of fully electric cars are expected to rise from 3,000 to 6,000.”

Potential buyers of newly-developed hybrid and electric cars can sometimes be deterred by battery performance and other issues related to the emerging technologies. Another significant factor is the price, especially during tough economic times. But as technology develops, plug-in hybrids and electric cars become more affordable and consumer confidence grows over time. Last year’s numbers show a healthy growth in the electric cars sales, giving us reasons to be optimistic.

Via Treehugger

Lead Photo by Ludovic Hirlimann via Wikimedia Commons