It just got a little bit easier to get from Point A to Point B in New York City. Uber is rolling out unlimited rides for $100 for two weeks or $200 for the month through their Uber Plus program. While a spokesperson has said subscription plans, which have also been offered in other cities, are a “small beta project,” if they continue they could change the way we get around in urban areas.

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To start, the plan just works below 125th Street in Manhattan, and all rides must begin and end in the borough. The rides must be UberPOOL rides, or trips shared with other random riders. The plan will begin at the start of October, and users can choose the $100 two week plan for October 1-14 or the $200 plan for the month. If a ride costs more than $20, users must cover the amount that goes over.

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In September, Uber offered their Uber Plus program in San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, San Diego, Miami, and Seattle. Prices varied but users could pay an upfront fee to get a cheap rate on a certain amount of rides. They are still offering plans in four of those cities (Seattle and Miami can no longer benefit from the offer).

For example, in San Francisco in October UberPOOL rides are $3 and UberX rides are $9, after upfront fees of $20 for 20 trips and $40 for 40 trips. As in Manhattan, there’s a specified zone for the rides: north of Cesar Chavez Street. (September’s offer was $20 for 20 rides, $30 for 40 rides, with UberPOOL at $2 and UberX at $7.)

Forbes notes the system is much like an Amazon Prime subscription, which provides an additional incentive to use Amazon. Uber’s program could entice people away from other companies like Lyft, and if they make the program more permanent, could even prompt some locals to give up their cars entirely. It remains to be seen how long Uber will run the program, and if New York City’s offer will change in November as San Francisco’s did from September to October.

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