To say that Uber has been struggling a little in the public relations department over recent months could probably be considered an understatement. As the company seeks to address issues of poorly-vetted drivers, they’ve launched one campaign we can probably all get behind: offering Toronto’s drunk revelers a free ride home if they blow over the limit at an Uber Safe roadside kiosk.

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The kiosks are the product of a collaboration with Rethink, a Canadian creative agency, and fabrication studio Stacklab. The brightly-lit, eye-catching kiosks offer party-goers a straw that they can affix into the unit, blow into for six seconds and then the breathalyzer will indicate whether it detects a blood alcohol content over the legal limit, and offer the option of a free ride home.

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Of course, the whole thing is largely a PR campaign, and there’s something slightly peculiar when watching the video as people cheer and giggle their way through a breathalyzer test. But those issues aside, it does provide a safer path home for inebriated folks who might otherwise be inclined to drive, walk or generally stumble around looking for a cab.

For now the Uber Safe kiosks have only popped up in Toronto, though Uber is offering free “Uber Safe” promotional rides elsewhere in Canada. As Engadget notes, it would be fabulous to think that the Safe service will continue free of charge, but it’s somewhat easier to imagine that perhaps the kiosks will pop up in other cities strictly as a way to call a safe (paid) ride home.

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