If you are looking for a cabinet that is every bit as interesting as the trinkets that it contains, search no further. Open since April 2008, Tel Aviv-based Ori Ben-zvi’s Ubico Studio gives the world a refreshing take on repurpoused objects with his beautiful ready made products. His study of function, material and form is evident with their legged cabinet line – the twist is that the cabinets appear to be constructed from discarded drawers, but instead they are built from scratch from reclaimed timber that has been reworked into cabinet form. The angled back and the addition of legs allows the drawer-cum-cabinet to conform to the wall. This method of production enables Ubico Studio’s designs to be repeatable for larger run production, but also keeps the visual charm of a found object reborn into a second life.

+ Ubico Studio

Photos by Sahar Tamir, illustrations and graphic design by Ellia Nattel