Neues Licht means “new light” in German, and we can’t think of a more appropriate name for this innovative lighting design company which creates futuristic lamps with fiber optics. Neues Licht wowed visitors at last week’s Cologne Furniture Fair with this fabulous UFO Chandelier made with fiberoptic cables arranged in a floating, glowing ring. Designer Simon Bruenner describes his celestial chandelier as “simplicity from another planet.”

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Because Neue Licht’s lights are all fiber optic, the light source can be in a different room or better yet, could even be powered by sunlight – eliminating the need for electricity entirely. (We can’t wait to pair these guys up with sunlight-collecting Parans). With the light source separable from the fixture, even when using an electrical source these lights are completely waterproof, providing a beautiful lighting solution for wet rooms like spas and pool rooms. Any number of lights can be fed by one source, dramatically increasing energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. Behold the future of lighting: Neueslicht! + UFO Chandelier

Via Mocoloco (Check out their terrific coverage of the Cologne Design Fair)