Visible Energy just officially launched the UFO Power Center – a space-age power strip that can help households save on electric bills by managing the energy needs of up to four appliances. The pod-shaped product automates and records the activity of appliances when they are not being used, cutting down on vampire power drain and improving the energy-efficiency of your home.

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The standby power consumed by appliances such as TVs, stereos, and computers can rack up more than 15% of our total energy usage in our homes! While unplugging all of your electronics and gadgets when they’re not in use is a surefire way to stop the unwanted siphoning of energy, it isn’t a practical and convenient routine for our busy lives.

The UFO Power Center solves this problem with its streamlined, clutter-busting design – it serves as a central power strip that measures the use of standby electricity for each socket. The UFO can then be programmed to turn each socket on or off on a schedule. Even more impressive, the UFO can also turn a socket off when it detects that a device is fully charged, or is in standby mode.

The system can also be remote controlled via WiFi by using your iPhone or iPad! Aside from reducing energy use, the the UFO Power Center could save the average household around $150 each year while streamlining tangled cords and sockets.

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