The Eiffel Tower has just unveiled a new, sustainable facelift, and perhaps the most striking update to the famous landmark comes in the form of two of Urban Green Energy’s (UGE) vertical axis wind turbines. Installed 400 feet up, within the tower’s iconic framework, the turbines will provide 10,000 kWh of green electricity each year.

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The installation of the UGE turbines is part of a high-profile green renovation of the Eiffel Tower. In addition to the turbines, which alone produce enough electricity to power all commercial operations on the first floor, the iconic landmark now features LED lighting, along with 10 m² of roof-mounted solar panels atop its visitors’ center.

As for the two UGE VisionAIR5 vertical axis turbines, they are pretty uniquely suited to their unusual new home, which is located above the Eiffel Tower’s second floor, some 400 ft up. The height enables optimum performance for the turbines, which can harvest wind from any direction, and the near silence of the mechanisms ensure they don’t distract from visitor experience. Additionally, the turbines were given a custom paint job so as to blend in with the tower’s frame.

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The New York-based company has installed their turbines everywhere from the Philadelphia Eagles’ stadium to the Hebei province of China. But their Eiffel Tower installation is arguably the highest-profile to date, and possibly the most challenging; in order to install the turbines each individual component had to be hoisted up and suspended in place.

In a statement, UGE’s CEO Nick Blitterswyk said “The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most renowned architectural icon in the world, and we are proud that our advanced technology was chosen as the Tower commits to a more sustainable future… When visitors from around the world see the wind turbines, we get one step closer to a world powered by clean and reliable renewable energy.”

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