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Kevin Langan is not fully content with his warm, central-heated family home in Glasgow, Scotland.  To reconnect with nature and test his comfort level, he has decided to fashion 100 huts from natural resources, wielding only a hatchet and a general idea of where he wants to build a shelter.  Says Langan about the project,

“I know that this challenge will be excruciatingly hard and that there is a small chance I’ll regret this eccentric idea in the depths of some cold night and want to give up. It may take me years to complete – but I’d rather challenge myself than just exist, I’d rather feel anything than feel nothing.  In all honesty I want to feel afraid; I want to abandon the sanitized sterility of urban life and find a true type of contentment down amongst the moss and mud. I want to experience the fear of being alone on a cold, dark wet winter’s night. I want to learn how to feel comfortable resting beside worms, biting insects, scurrying rodents, noisy birds or if I’m lucky – an inquisitive fox. “

Langan is surprisingly candid about his adventures, expressing embarrassment when a roof collapses, agitated nerves in the dark of the wilderness, or contentment after a good night of “hutting”.  He has already completed four adventures, and will continue to take photos and write about his escapades through his blog, .

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