Cars accounted for a whopping 21% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the UK in 2009, but a creative new program from Giveacar and Trees for Cities aims to repair some of the damage caused by cars through the use of cars themselves. Scrap Car Plant Tree takes donations of cars and uses the money they get from the scrap or from the car’s auction value to plant trees across the country.

The program is run by a coalition of two organizations, Giveacar and Trees for Cities. Giveacar oversees the collection and disposal of the cars while Trees for Cities is responsible for distributing the funds raised to beautify urban areas through planting, community-led design, education and training initiatives.

According to Trees for Cities, it’s costs £7.50 to plant and care for a tree through its maturity. One car donation that is used for scrap can raise about £100, funding about 13 trees. If you donate a vehicle that brings in a good amount of money in auction, you’re could potentially subsidize a whole grove of trees!

It’s easy to donate your car. Just fill in the online form, call the Scrap Car Plant Tree office, and your car will be out of your hair within a few days. All the while you gain the satisfaction that it’s working towards greening the UK. Not ready to get rid of your car? You can also donate motorbikes, farm machinery, mobility scooters and ride-on lawnmowers.

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Images via Wikimedia Commons User Andrew and Wikimedia Commons User Portlandvillage