UK citizens were recently traumatized to learn that ground “beef” sold by local supermarkets was contaminated with horse meat – but the scandal has inspired a very different reaction in France. Apparently the publicity surrounding the scandal has led to a 15% rise in horse meat sales in the past week. Since the story broke, the French have flocked to horse meat butchers, forgoing frozen food for the scandalous meat.

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Interbev Equins, France’s industry body for horse butchers, claims that the 15% rise is directly related to the recent scandal in the UK. Horsemeat is considered a delicacy in France, but Interbev Equins thinks that the scandal publicity has caused the French to remember horsemeat, spurring them to reintroduce it to their diets. Food sellers and butchers are posturing horsemeat as a healthier, organic alternative to processed and frozen foods.

In France horse meat is typically thought of as a food of the older generation, although horse butchers say that increasing numbers of younger clients are interested in trying horse as a cow alternative. With over 20,000 tons of horsemeat consumed in France a year, this spike in popularity is a disturbing reality for our equine friends.

Via The Guardian

Images Via Wikicommons users Lobo and Rainer Zenz