London’s iconic Big Ben clock tower might be getting a solar facelift. The Guardian reports that the House of Commons is looking into plans that would add solar panels to the landmark’s clock face. Last month parliamentary passholders were asked to submit ideas on how the government could improve energy efficiency in the historic area by 34 percent. One passholder suggested adding photovoltaics to the face of Big Ben, which since 2012 has been rechristened the Elizabeth Tower, to generate green energy.

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A House of Commons spokesman confirmed the parliament was evaluating the idea. “These ideas will now be discussed, reviewed and prioritised by the Environment Team with a programme of initiatives to be developed in future months.”

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That’s not the only saving energy strategy the British government is looking into. The spokesman added that the House Service was also planning to insulate parts of the Palace of Westminster roof with sheep’s wool next year. More recently, the House of Parliament entertained an idea to install solar panels on its own cast-iron roof next year at the same time as it plans to make repairs. With these improvements in place, the parliament hopes to extend the lifespan of the roof for another 150 years. Additionally in the next year, the Parliament building could be updated with all new LED lighting fixtures to lower its energy use profile.

Via The Guardian

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