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Located near Orel’s riverbank, 18-miles away from the city of Dnepropertrovsk, the Friend Hotel is steeped in a lush and green forest. Before its construction, Ryntovt Design did an extended ecological analysis taking into account the local resources and energy of the area. The interior spaces are in harmony with the beautiful outdoors, and only ‘ecologically harmless materials’ like clay, reed, wood and shell stone were used in construction.

Each of the cozy rooms has its own toilet and living room area, and plenty of windows flood the clay spaces with natural light. Ryntovt Design created the eco-hotel as an integrated whole, designing its architecture, furniture, and also its lighting features. At the heart of the Friend House Hotel is an apple tree orchard, which references a local tradition where farmers invite guests twice yearly to enjoy the blossoms and apples picking.

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Via World Architecture News