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Just about every piece of furniture has a dual purpose in this lovely loft apartment. The stairs have a built in kitchen unit and bookshelves, which we love, the bathroom cabinets incorporate the washer and dryer into them, and one room is actually comprised of built-up wardrobes so that no space is wasted at all. And decor is kept to an absolute minimum without being too sterile.

The social area of the northeast facing loft is oriented towards a park and zoo while a giant lime tree rises in front of the living quarters, creating not only a sense of privacy, but also shading the room and keeping it cool during summer. Additional shading is programmable and intelligent temperature control has been incorporated into each room to ensure maximum efficiency.

Daylighting is achieved through four window triplets that obviate the need for artificial lighting and contribute to the home’s overall airiness. Heating is achieved with a fireplace, which was even stacked with wood harvested from the sustainable renovation project. Finally, the designer insisted on sticking with natural materials as much as possible, except in the bathroom, which we found to be an excellent choice!

+ Dalibor Hlavacek

images © Filip Slapal