Fuel efficiency may have only become a hot topic recently, but some people have been thinking about with hypermiling vehicles for decades. Take, for example, inventors Bill Green and Craig Henderson — in 1984 the pair built a car dubbed the “Avion“, which squeezed out 113 mpg in test runs. Now it’s going back on the road in an attempt to travel from Canada to Mexico on just 14 gallons of gas.

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In 1986, Henderson set a world record for efficiency by driving from Mexico to Canada with an average of 103.7 mpg. Henderson beat that record two years ago with a trip in the Avion from Bellingham, Washington to the Oregon border. That journey had a fuel efficiency of 113.7.

Yesterday, Henderson took off for his third potentially record-breaking journey — this time, from Blaine, Washington to the Mexico border. He hopes to use just 14 gallons of fuel thanks to a new, aerodynamic vehicle shell, updated tires, and a tricked-out engine.

When Henderson first built the vehicle, he hoped to have it mass-produced. The latest journey is just for fun, but if it drums up enough attention, we’d love to see more of these energy-scrimping cars on the road!

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