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Gijon Arquitectura, Motril, Spain, footbridge, Granada, Mediterranean, minimalist design, LED, green design, sustainable design, eco design

An ornate addition to this quaint Mediterranean town in Spain’s Granada province, the bridge creates easy access for everyone – including disabled pedestrians between two coveted urban destinations. This ease is achieved by a gentle slope that rises directly from the pavement and continues to the other side.

The steel used to construct the frame comes in different thicknesses, which makes this footbridge seem uncannily alive, like a spider, a sensation that is further enforced by simple glass panels on the side. And our favorite part of this structure is the energy-efficient LED lighting that illuminates the bridge at night, creating just enough security without ruining the project’s special ambience. Quite unlike Santiago Calavera’s recently inaugurated bridge in Calgary, the Motril footbridge is a minimalist design that literally bridges the old with the new!

+ Gijon Arquitectura

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