A new amazing water and oil proofing agent called UltraTech Ultra-Ever Dry is taking the internet by storm. But the miracle product, which causes goo of all kinds to slip off everything from treated boots to treated bricks, should not be used by the faint of heart. Although it seems that this product really does seal and lock surfaces from oil and water damage, its application involves the evaporation of highly toxic chemicals that could hurt the user if not correctly dealt with.

There is no question why UltraTech’s video has gone viral. The vid shows test after test of the company’s incredible product on all kinds of surfaces and its repelling properties. Work boots stomp in mud, muck is thrown on cinder blocks, hammers are dropped in wet cement, and time and time again the treated objects come out clean as a whistle.

However how environmentally friendly is the stuff? The treatment is applied like paint in a two part process with the aid of a pressurized sprayer. But once each layer dries, toxic and volatile chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment are released into the air. In fact, UltraTech warns against women using the product, as the chemicals can cause “reproductive toxicity” and are harmful to pregnant women.

UltraTech may be a miracle product, but it shouldn’t be used by amateurs due to the risk of harming themselves and the environment. At almost $160 for both components, it is better left for professional architects and manufacturers.

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Via TreeHugger