There are a lot of interesting design competitions going on this summer, and some of the most intriguing are sponsored by our fellow design bloggers. We just announced Core77’s Light Object Competition, and now we hear word that Treehugger is teaming up with ID Magazine to launch the Umbrella Inside-Out Competition.

How will the next generation of designers create beautiful, functional pieces that contribute to the health of the planet? The Umbrella Inside-Out Competition asks this question by focusing specifically on one little household object that needs a serious design overhaul.

“Umbrellas suffer from design flaws that often lead to their premature and messy deaths and unwelcome burials in landfills,” says Julie Lasky, Editor-in-Chief of I.D. Magazine. One aspect of the Umbrella Inside Out Competitions asks for an umbrella designed with a Cradle to Cradle(R) sensibility. This means that the object’s entire lifecycle is considered, from its sourcing and production, to the life it leads after its current use.

Finalists will be shortlisted by a jury, and winners will be selected online by TreeHugger readers in October. Both winners and finalists will be featured in a three page ID Magazine spread in this December’s New and Notable Issue. The winning fashion competition design will also walk the Ethical Fashion Show runway in Paris this October 13.

The deadline is September 1, 2006, so get going!


We can think of at least one person already who deserves to win this competition through her intrepid re-use of umbrellas in fashion. Our friend Jill Danyelle, of FiftyRx3, has made her claim to fame fashioning gorgeous dresses completely from abandoned street umbrellas. Try to beat that!