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To help deliver power to the more than 3,000 families living far from Bosnia’s power grid, the United Nations is offering a $20,000 prize to whoever invents a relatively cheap renewable energy solution. The winning solution should cost less than $6,500, and it should be easily able to supply an average household with hot water and electricity.

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According to Yuri Afanasiev, the U.N. coordinator in Bosnia, the initiative will have far-reaching effects: The solution is planned to be replicated in other remote areas in the world or in national parks. The one that would be developed for Bosnia’s climate will be suitable for most areas with harsh winters.

The winning solution will be developed and implemented in 2013, supplying electricity to 50 Bosnian families. The initiative is met with approval by the locals. The Isakovics, who live near the town of Stolac in Bosnia’s southeastern hills, would like to be one of the firsts to test the invention. “We go to bed when the sun goes down. In the winter, that’s around 6 p.m. Oh, man, your body gets stiff after lying around for 12 hours”, says Rizvo Isakovic. The new technology would mean cheap electricity and a whole new way of living for the family.


Images by Julian Nitzsche and Naoki Nakashima via Wikimedia Commons