Thinking about making some energy-saving upgrades to your house? An EnergyStar washer perhaps? If so, you might want to consider making that purchase before the end of the year. Come December 31st, you will no longer be able to receive the $500 credit from the US Government for purchases on high-efficiency furnaces, water heaters, windows and insulation.

Have no fear though, if $500 isn’t enough to turn your house over to more energy efficient ways, or the timing just isn’t right with the holiday season fast approaching, all is not lost. You might be surprised to find how your local government or utility company might want to help make your house more sustainable. That’s just the story that writer Keith Pandolfi tells about the Zimmerman family in last week’s installment of CNN’s This Old House, online.

A little research uncovered a utility company offering zero-interest loans, a variety of different local tax credits, and even a grant that gives communities up to $5,000 just to educate your block on increase public awareness of various renewable energy technologies. DSIRE, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency, is the easy way to track your local initiatives. Follow the link below for the full article.

+ CNN Article – This Old House: Uncle Sam wants to pay you for going green