Wouldn’t it be great to have a comfortable seat handy at any time, in any public space? The designers at Austria’s Underpartner have come up with just such a simple, lightweight chair that lets you sit wherever your heart desires. Made from plastic and metal, the portable seat can be worn or transported on your bike, so you can transform any public space into your own urban living room. Unveiled at Salone Satellite during the Milan Furniture Fair, Underpartner’s new collection challenges us to rethink and reconquer, public space.

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Urban sitting spots are often thwarted by “No trespassing” signs and spiked “do not sit here” ledges, so Barbara Gollackner and Michael Walder created three simple solutions for comfortably relaxing in public.

The Parasit can easily be worn on the body and transported. True, it looks a bit like a scoliosis brace, but find yourself a horizontal pole, door gate, fence or traffic sign and voila — you have a seat just by hanging the Parasit’s arms. Bike riders can attach the Super Francesco to the back of their bikes, and after a day of cruising it can be removed to create a low bench for watching the world go by. The final piece is not a chair, but a sculptural bike accessory — with the Elliot, bikers can turn their bike lights into an urban lamp shade.

Underpartner’s Salone Satellite collection is perfect for the urban explorer — on bike or foot — providing a place to rest without having to purchase a coffee or water to use a café’s facilities.

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