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The $50 million project will be built by a Dubai development company nestled within the coral reefs on the picturesque island of Kuredhivaru. Jutting out from the water, the Water Discus Hotel will be supported by five spindly legs, with two large disc lounges hovering above water. The lounges will overlook the water and the scenic Maldive terrain, and they will house a luxury restaurant and spa. A rooftop pool and heliopad keep the glamour above water, while the accommodations are below.

In the center of the lounges will be a glass tunnel that leads to 21 underwater hotel suites. Each suite will have vibrant fish-eye views of the reefs and marine life living on the bottom of the Gulf. The rooms are likely to be placed on the sand floor, in order to reflect the sun’s rays that penetrate from the surface. A night in the hotel will be like a submarine journey.

In order to minimize  environmental disruption, the hotel plans to  rebuild coral reefs, and touch sea ground as minimally as possible. No word on when the hotel will open, but Deep Ocean Technology hopes to begin construction this year.

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