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Julien de Smedt Architects won the competition to design the hotel back in 2008 and it was recently finished this summer. The undulating hotel is uniquely built on a pre-existing parking garage — the form of the garage underneath helped determine the final shape of the hotel. Elevating the six floor hotel above the parking garage structure has the advantage of giving more privacy to hotel guests. The space under the hotel at the street level now consists of shops, a restaurant and cafe, and the hotel lobby.

The roof of the Two Seasons Hotel is a ribbon of green space that dips down in the front towards the historic district, and then rises to match the stature of the taller apartment building and nearby towers. A green roof provides extra insulation and storm water retention for the hotel, and guests can even walk around the roof for fresh air and exercise. Meanwhile, the inner courtyard and garden space draws more light into the interior hotel rooms.

Via Kitsune Noir