Treston, a supplier of ergonomic industrial workstations and storage solutions, launched the industry’s first wood-based bioplastic bins for industrial use. It’s a way for industrial customers to make sustainable choices for storage and reduce their use of nonrenewable resources and carbon footprint.

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Two hands cupping granules and letting it spill into a green bin

BiOX shelf storage bins are made of a unique carbon-neutral material that is over 90% wood-based renewable plastics. This is made from a residue from the pulp production process. Then, it’s mixed with cellulose fibers from sustainably-managed forests. The quality, look and feel of the bins remain the same as traditional plastic bins, but now eco-friendly.

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A green bin filled with nails

Additionally, Treston is hoping to reduce their carbon footprint and any company that purchases their products. The heat from the plastic manufacturing process is recovered to heat the plant, thereby saving the company energy usage.

A white strip used as a divider for the bins

“Our long-term target is to offer our customers a completely carbon-neutral industrial working station,” said Esa Siljander, CEO of Treston.

Treston also makes 100% recyclable bins, and is working toward creating other workstation items. The sustainable wood-based plastic material for Treston BiOX bins comes from UPM, a global forest industry company and leading fiber-based composite manufacturer. The material for the transparent label shields and cross-dividers comes from Finnish startup Woodly.

Three varying sizes of bins stacked on top of each other. There are six in total.

You can learn more about Treston’s process toward becoming carbon neutral at their website.

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