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The event featured an impressive collection of vehicles with low fuel consumption, powered by all types of sources, including gasoline, solar, electric, fuel cell, and more. The vehicles competed in two main categories – urban concept and prototype — and six categories within in each of those: gasoline, battery electric (which includes solar), gasoline alternative, diesel, alternative diesel and hydrogen.

A prototype gasoline vehicle, designed by students from Quebec’s Laval University, achieved an incredible 3,587 miles per gallon — the most mileage per gallon the competition has ever seen. Meanwhile, Louisiana Tech’s HotRod diesel car travelled around the track at 315.9 mpg and took first place in the Urban Concept Vehicle category. Mater Dei of Evansville, Indiana won the ‘Battery Electric Prototype’ and ‘Gasoline Urban Concept’ categories, while Alden Conger High School scored two victories with its alternative diesel and alternative gasoline prototypes. A full list of this year’s winners is available at the Eco-marathon’s official site.

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