California-based DC Solar Freedom, in cooperation with DC Solar Distribution, is making millions of dollars worth of solar equipment available to colleges and universities across the nation at no cost. The program will provide solar generators, car charging stations and light towers to schools for student and faculty use. “Campuses are often caught between capital costs and trying to reduce their carbon footprint,” DC Solar Freedom CEO, Jeff Carpoff said. This should go a long way to changing that.

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DC Solar Freedom, a California-based benefit corporation founded by Jeff and Paulette Carpoff, will administer an underwriting process that “allows companies wishing to expand their sustainability efforts and reduce their carbon footprint to subsidize off-grid power on campus.” This provides solar power services to members of the school community while helping integrate clean energy into their existing systems — which is often a costly effort on a university’s limited budget.

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“Our experience at UCLA has shown that there is a lot of passion and determination with student organizations to integrate clean energy into their daily lives, but their budgets are limited. Paulette and I wanted to find a solution to get them the solar power and services they need without straining their resources. DC Solar Freedom was the answer,” Carpoff said.

Mobile solar generators usually run about $150,000, but now with the strategic partnership with DC Solar Distribution, the cost will be absorbed sponsoring companies. Most of the units are hybrids, with biodiesel back-up generators to charge batteries when the sun isn’t strong. However, DC Solar is quick to point out that the solar array will still charge batteries — albeit at 20 to 30 percent capacity — even on cloudy days.

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