A huge section of the University of Arizona has been revitalized and given new life by Miller Hull in association with Poster Mirto McDonald. The massive Student Success District project unifies four buildings: the library, the gym, the science-engineering library and the new Center for Academic Success.

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Exterior of one of the renovated buildings with striped walls

The Bartlett Center for Academic Success is the sole new addition to the area but this entire campus section has been given a new life. In fact, this building is certified LEED Gold. Facilities that have LEED certification address waste, water, energy and carbon usage and improve environmental qualities.

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An open bridge connecting two buildings on the campus

Meanwhile, this project is zero-impact for energy use. The new Academic Success building was designed for vertical circulation. Energy-saving models have been updated along with mechanical systems and lighting systems. The entire building is also designed to be energy efficient and creates an ideal learning environment.

Large glass windows into a brick building and bridge

Furthermore, the design incorporates nature into the grand scheme. Plants and shade canopies grow between the buildings, creating gathering and study areas. As for irrigation in the area, no potable water is used.

Renovated library with wood and circular lights

Additionally, there are spaces for tutoring, hands-on fabrication, active learning, and a holistic health and fitness area. The classrooms and meeting rooms are designed to make use of all available spaces, including areas for large classrooms.

Wooden bleachers within the library for speakers or students to study

What’s more, some parts of this section of campus are 95 years old. Each building, including the library, science engineering library and gym, all had different styles, different grade connections and different floor-to-floor heights when the project started.

Student study area with blue and green wallpaper

Also, a thin steel plate was used to create connections between buildings. It’s a flexible design that can be adapted in the future. After all, the future is always the aim of any college campus.

This is a student success district and the design is meant to embody this concept and bring it to life. The buildings are a mix of the old and the new. Literal bridges were built between buildings to connect the past and the future. Is there a better way to symbolize the collegiate student’s life path?

+ Miller Hull, Poster Mirto McDonald

Images via Chipper Hatter