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As an Inhabitat editor, I’m asked all kinds of questions about green architecture and sustainable interior design, but the one I probably hear the most is, “How’d you get your job?” Based on those inquiries as well as the input I receive from my friends and family, it’s plain to see that many professionals in non-creative roles spend their days pretending to do work behind cubicle walls while secretly pursuing their true passions on Pinterest (I’m not judging because I totally do it too). If that sounds like you, you may have daydreamed about going back to school for interior design, but decided that it just wasn’t financially feasible to quit your current job or put in the time commitment. Luckily, it turns out that nowadays you can start steering yourself towards the creative career you want without giving up your day job. By studying at New York City’s premier home-study interior design school, The Sheffield School, you can start courses whenever you like and move at your own pace towards a certificate of completion. You’ll learn the basic principles you need to get started, and the best part is that it’s not nearly as risky or costly as quitting your job cold turkey and matriculating into a college design program.

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The Sheffield School is fully accredited by both the DETC and New York State, and has been teaching interior design to people all over the world since 1985. Their interior design course is their oldest and most popular, and students range from people who are looking to start new careers to people who want to freelance as designers in their spare time to those who just love decorating and are interested in learning tips on how to make their own homes more beautiful. Unlike traditional university programs, the course is accessible to everyone from full-time professionals to those that are already enrolled in other college programs. Since the classes are home study-based, you can complete them from anywhere in the world.

After signing up for the course, The Sheffield School will send you all the materials you need, which includes a complete drafting kit, training DVDs and a business set-up kit. You’ll also have access to a personal student advisor, who is a licensed interior design professional. Throughout the course, you’ll be able to contact your advisor by phone or email 5 days a week as you complete your design projects or just to hear about advice on entering the field.

If you’ve got an eye for color and style but aren’t interested in interior design, the Sheffield School also offers courses in wedding planning, jewelry design and feng shui. Whatever your passion, get started on the path towards your new creative career by enrolling with The Sheffield School or requesting a free catalog today.

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