Software engineer Markus Loeffler wants to help consumers reduce dependency on the electric grid while saving on electric costs. “One Fridge off the Grid” was initially conceived during a power outage caused by severe storms in 2011, when Loeffler was without power for days, and the food in his fridge spoiled. Determined to avoid the same situation in the future, Loeffler spent four years developing the perfect solution, called UNplug: a simple, inexpensive and fully­ automatic power savings solution.

UNplug is revolutionary because it provides consumers with their own home-based power grid using a single solar panel and battery to ensure uninterruptible power during good times and bad. In addition to realizing uninterruptible energy security and real cost savings, UNplug users will help address environmental challenges. An average fridge/laptop/modem combination consumes approximately 622kWh per year – dumping 326 pounds of CO2 into the environment! UNplug lets users disconnect, providing clean, uninterrupted power to the things you need most.