The new UrbMat by UrbnEarth makes growing your own garden as easy as rolling out a mat! Each mat grows 12 types of non-GMO herbs, vegetables and flowers, which can be planted just about anywhere, and teaches both kids and adults the ease of growing your own fresh food.

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UrbMat was designed for city slickers with zero gardening experience; the three by two foot mat takes the guesswork out of gardening in an easy to unroll, ready-to-grow urban garden. The kit can be installed just about anywhere, since it only needs a small parcel of dirt in an elevated bed. UrbMat is perfect for parks, roof tops, terraces and community gardens. The mats can be joined together to create a bigger garden or fly solo for a just a small sampling of veggies, herbs and flowers.

The UrbMat system is divided into varying classes, including veggies like kale, carrots and chard, herbs like basil, cilanto and parlsey, and flowers like marigolds. The different plants are separated by pre-cut holes that keeps them apart for optimal growth. The mat can be irrigated by attaching a garden hose, or by watering manually, and a weed barrier keeps the garden protected.

Each of the allotted plant holes is then planted with a GrowUps Plant Starter, which is a mix of chili powder, compost, worm castings and clay that fosters the non-GMO seeds inside. UrbMat is great for families, as well as classrooms to teach kids the ease of growing healthy foods themselves. And you can pre-order your very own for just $69!

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