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Ardmore Residence, UNstudio, daylighting, sun shading, singapore, eco residence

UNStudio began work on Ardmore Residence back in 2006 and now the residential tower is finally complete. This bespoke tower is unique in its design and form compared to its surrounding block-like peers. The tower is actually raised slightly from the ground level to create a larger garden space. Residences finally begin on the 8th floor and the unique floorplan is a result of careful design taking into consideration the views, the sun, and shading.

“The highly textural façade of the Ardmore Residence works in unison with the organization of the individual apartments, affording both extensive daylight to the unique residential spaces and panoramic views over the city of Singapore,” explains Ben van Berkel. “The façade further generates a unique reading of the building in the neighborhood, with its layered contours extending the appearance beyond four façades and providing a variety of profiles and perspectives.”

The east and west facades are carefully controlled with louvered shade features and recessed windows, while the south and north sides are more open, but still shaded appropriately. Curved windows, double height balconies, and structural elements that are blended into the facade create a unified whole and create an interior atmosphere that is closely connected with the exterior views. The organic pattern for the facade is repeated every four stories.

Images ©Iwan Baan & Pontiac Land Group