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unstudio, Baumkirchen Mitte, eastern Munich, Munich, OR else Landscapes, rooftop garden, vegetable gardens, rainwater harvesting, flexible floor plans, multipurpose spaces, rooftop beekeeping

The building’s ribbed façade includes bright metal and wooden elements to give the tower the appearance of a “custom-made furniture piece for the urban space.” Using flexibility as a core design principle, the architects crafted a building with adaptable, multi-purpose spaces to facilitate impromptu meetings in areas such as the lobbies and foyers. The tower’s flexible floor plans can also be easily reconfigured or combined with adjacent units to accommodate the individual needs of the residents.

Under the design direction of OR else Landscapes, traces of the area’s historic rail yard were used to inform the the linear rooftop garden’s design. Rows of ornamental grasses and flowering perennials were inspired by the plant species that had flourished between the old railway tracks. In addition to recreational space, the rooftop gardens will also offer ecological amenities such as vegetable gardens, rainwater harvesting, composting and beekeeping areas.

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